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How to create a new Keboola Connection Project



Every project in Keboola Connection belongs to an organization. In the standard setup, every client has one organization which contains one or more projects. More about organizations can be found here.

Even though organizations and projects form a hierarchical structure, the users belonging to them do not. Every project in an organization, and even the parent organization might have a complete disjoint set of users. So the fact that a user is a member of a project does not necessarily mean that they are member of an organization. This allows for logical separation of user access rights.

If you need to create a new project in an organization, you need to be an organization member (if you are not and you feel like you should be, please contact our support and your CSM). These members have the right to manage projects (create, delete), access them, and set up data sharing among projects.

Creating a new project

For creating a new project you need to access the organization. You start on this URL (if you are in a different region, you might have to use a different URL - either, or This can be determined by looking at the URL of your project).

Here you click on your organization name:


This will take you to the organization detail:



Here you can change the organization settings (top of the page), add organization members (middle), and create new projects (bottom of the page).

After clicking on `+ New Project` you can set the type of the project (POC (time limited) x Production) and the name. Please note that the type of a project can be changed later on.


After creating the project you need to invite the users to this specific project (cogwheel in the top right - Users & Settings - Users - +Invite User). 


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