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If you've been using Keboola Connection and have implemented any project, you inevitably have some "garbage" within your project that require clean up, and have places within your pipelines that could be optimized.  

After helping hundreds of customers, our consulting team has put together some best practices, tips, and tools to help maintain sanity within our projects in order to work more efficiently and reduce technical debt. We've put together a presentation to show you how we do that for our clients, our recommendations, and some tools and resources that will help you with your project health.


  • This session was originally presented to our Keboola Academy.  You will notice several instances where David (presenter) references other sessions, assignments, or Academy projects.  You can ignore these statements and won't miss out on anything. 
  • In addition to the videos, we recommend that you flip through the presentation in the "Resources" section.  There are parts of the presentation with examples that are not covered in the video clips below but we believe are useful.


Keboola API Generic Extractor Templates
KBC Metadata App ID - kds-team.ex-kbc-project-metadata-v2
Project Health Evaluation Template
Multiproject Architecture Blueprint




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