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Missing rows in output


It might happen the table in storage has less rows than you expect it to have.

For example, you have a transformation where you assign IDs to opportunities from your company’s CRM. You know there are 639 opportunities in the input table, but there are only 635 in the output one.

How to debug this:

  • First you load a sandbox and run the query => check how many rows does the object mapped in the output mapping have
  • If the object has less rows than expected (<639) it indicates the query is doing something different than you think. Check the query please.
  • If the object has 639 rows, this means the rows are not disappearing in the SQL query, but rather in storage or during the transfer to storage. Check if there is a PK set on the output and if the PK is unique for all rows (if it is not, the rows are lost because of deduplication)
  • If neither of the above is true, please contact our support and we'll do our best to help you.
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