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Python/SNFK Transformation Output Error


If a  python transformation is failing with an error:

Python transformation failed: Table source <table_name> not found.

Or a Snowflake transformation is failing with an error:

Table or view '<table_name>' does not exist in the database.



It indicates that you are trying to use in the code (query) or the output mapping an object, which does not exist.

The best approach is to investigate this step-by-step:

  • Check that version of code is correct in transformation
  • Run the query/script in sandbox
  • Check input mapping
  • Check output mapping

If the code (query) passes in the sandbox, the issue must be in the output mapping. What you need to do is to check the place in your code (query), where this object should be created and look for typos. Alternatively you can remove the object from the output mapping if you don't need it anymore. You can find more about the output mapping here.

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