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Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Reset


It might happen that you lose the device you have the MFA set up on and you don't have access to the Recovery Codes.

In this case, you need to ask your contact person to create a new ticket from a Keboola project asking for MFA reset for you. We do not accept requests made by the contact person via email, as we can't confirm the email is really coming from them.

The contact person should keep you in cc, so it's verified by both sides that the MFA should be reset.

Once we have a confirmation from both you and your contact person on resetting the MFA, we'll pass the ticket to L2 support and they will reset your MFA.

Alternatively, your coworkers can invite you to a project under different email address (a short term solution).

P.S. Make sure you store the recovery codes somewhere save this time. We usually have these in our personal vault in the password manager we are using.

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